Reviews for "-Orr- Heroic Confrontation"


I remember this song from Sonny, it's one of the most epic battle-background songs I've ever heard, but I had no idea you composed it (guess I didn't pay attention to the audio information :P). I love the way you used the strings and timpani to create this epic and very dramatic feel, something like the songs from 'The Gladiator OST'. Also, the use of bells is a major advantage of this song, as they add a very intense rythm to the piece. The melody was very nice and well-developed, but at the same time it was very powerful, and adrenaline-packed. As always- a great song, nice work!

DavidOrr responds:

I wrote all the music for Sonny (minus the overworld music, which was wonderfully written by Martijn Vranken), and I'll be writing the music for Sonny 2 as well! Glad you enjoyed the music! Hopefully you'll find the music for Sonny 2 equally as engaging!