Reviews for "Turtle Race"

this is amazing

its hilarious. How'd you draw this?

Wenart responds:

many thanks, I drew them on photoshop :)

never give up !!!

so kwel i thing the turtle have more nutts ther m .....

10 different kinds of great

which earned you all 10 of these stars. I can't find anything I dont like in this piece. Your colors are nice, have a woodlandish look. The textures on the turtles is awesome, and I love how believable the shadows are. The whole concept of the piece is hilarious, and I'm a sucker for great facial expressions, which both of these turtles are sporting. Great piece of art. Please keep it coming.


great style and work. I love the idea that they are moving really slow (at a turtles pace) but have the epic "gotta win because i'm struggling" expressions of exasperation.
great stuff. I'ma give you ten, but I'd give you eleven if I could.

great pic

nice, but is that a mario kart reference up there?

Wenart responds:

yes it is haha