Reviews for ""Justice""

i like your work

lol. that was good. not as good as some of your other works but good. dam was that heavy artilary.


your animations are unbeleavible,but you could have made it longer,u should probaly make a series, it would be a hit. peace

Wow. That was neat! Smooth Animation.

I gave this entry a '5' raising it's score to 3.77!

teh pwnzorz

the mech looks like the mech of poninja shapes you drew! that was great, keep me posted on ep. 7!

P.S. 10 for interactivity because of clicikng replay o)>.<(o

its was good to see sumfink round in ur animations

This Was Good But Short #.But Your Probs Working On Ponninja 7 cos i love ur work but im sorry to say but the pirate 6.5 was crap but it was funny but y is the rum gone catapillars :D p.s i do backgrounds if needed :s oh and do circles versus squares or trianges anything :D