Reviews for ""Justice""


Very cool! I love your poninjas too! You should make a poninjas game! I know it's probably hard to make a game, but I know you can do it! Keep the good work going!!!

its was good to see sumfink round in ur animations

This Was Good But Short #.But Your Probs Working On Ponninja 7 cos i love ur work but im sorry to say but the pirate 6.5 was crap but it was funny but y is the rum gone catapillars :D p.s i do backgrounds if needed :s oh and do circles versus squares or trianges anything :D

Splendid, nice work for 2 hours.

Of course it was pretty short so I can see why it only took two hours of work to make. I can tell you this, it was 2 hours well spent. The graphics were crisp, although the characters were simple. The animation flowed well. I like your random violence style. Pretty funny plot twists, even if none of it made any real sense. The sound quality was good, now stop procrastinating and finish up Poninjas 7. It better be high quality with all the time you're taking up with it. =D


verrry good. :)


can't wait for more Poninjas action!