Reviews for ""Justice""

Short but sweet

Killer animation man, and nicely drawn as well, I can tell you had alot of fun making this. sounds were right on the money also. Really, really nice work. Can't think of a thing wrong with it.


That was awsome! This is one the best short flash movies i've ever seen!

AngryMouse14 responds:

Ty! Just goes to show that length doesnt matter =)

i havnt watched it but i feel liek voting

Pimp Styles

Best short ever.

Thats the best short i've ever seen. Those green things are cute too.

AngryMouse14 responds:

Hehe, thanks! I like making violence... in a cuddly way XD


that was great dude, at first, while it was loading i was thinking "free blam point" but i ended up giving it a 5, keep up the good work!

AngryMouse14 responds:

Hey, thanks! lol