Reviews for ".:Sleepless Nights v2:."

I like it!

Very nice classical music, great piano throughout and keeps the audience guessing by changing it up a bit throughout the song without seeming too random. I personally play drums if you ever need some drum samples :D. Keep it up!

GronmonSE responds:

Thanks for the review :D

I'll keep you in mind, thanks for the offer.

Very good!

A strong build up which leads into a very fine and motion driven main part. I really like the energy it delievers. The drum beats are indeed a bit repetitive but that's quite all to bug about this one. Overall, very nice!

Good luck in the contest! 5up!

GronmonSE responds:

A review from you is greatly appreciated, thank you =)

I liked it.

Sleepless Nights is the perfect title for the audio. It's exactly what I imagined when I listened to it. The piano is great in the song also. I really don't see what you could do to make this much better so good job and keep up the hard work.


~ Review Request Club ~

GronmonSE responds:

Thanks for the review, glad I used the right title :D


What a touching piece you have here. I know you said that it is an improved version of another track but this is pretty good my friend. I know what you mean by limited instruments there but you did well with that you had. Keep up the great work.


GronmonSE responds:

Hey, thanks for the kind words.

Looking forward to your compositions.

This is what I thought while listening:

*A slow-mo heroic moment where one of his companion tries to save the hero from certain death. But does no make it in time. And then it fades to black, Leaving us hanging, damn story lines*

Anyway, point is, that when I listen to songs like this, I want to leave to another story (happy or sad) and break away from the worlds freaking stress and that's basicly how I relaxa dn gives me insperation. Thank you for helping me relax!

GronmonSE responds:

Sure thing, thanks for the review!