Reviews for ".:Sleepless Nights v2:."

Very good!

A strong build up which leads into a very fine and motion driven main part. I really like the energy it delievers. The drum beats are indeed a bit repetitive but that's quite all to bug about this one. Overall, very nice!

Good luck in the contest! 5up!

GronmonSE responds:

A review from you is greatly appreciated, thank you =)


OMG this song is so... PERFECT i'm going to give the first 10/10 in a LONG time!

note, i gues you're looking for how to "improve" this....you can't...it's 100%!

~Review Request cluc

GronmonSE responds:

Wow um...thanks haha. Thanks for the review :D


What a touching piece you have here. I know you said that it is an improved version of another track but this is pretty good my friend. I know what you mean by limited instruments there but you did well with that you had. Keep up the great work.


GronmonSE responds:

Hey, thanks for the kind words.

Looking forward to your compositions.

This is what I thought while listening:

*A slow-mo heroic moment where one of his companion tries to save the hero from certain death. But does no make it in time. And then it fades to black, Leaving us hanging, damn story lines*

Anyway, point is, that when I listen to songs like this, I want to leave to another story (happy or sad) and break away from the worlds freaking stress and that's basicly how I relaxa dn gives me insperation. Thank you for helping me relax!

GronmonSE responds:

Sure thing, thanks for the review!


Nice song, its sad, and it changed what I thought classical music is... I used to think it was just piano and a few other instruments, but you proved that anything can become a classic song. I kinda thought the same thing that Pivot did, only a bit more in depth....

-Hero and friends are engaged in a epic battle with the main evil-doer, and right before the drums kick in, the evil guy manages to separate the hero and is pounding on him... the drums kick in when the evil guy throws him and is about to defeat the hero... The companions realize this and run to his aid, but get there just as the hero falls, critically injured... together they finish off the evil guy, and at the end, the hero reawakens in a bed with his friends around him.-

GronmonSE responds:

Eek, hadn't noticed this had a new review haha.

Interesting description, it fits nicely with the song :)

I'm glad you liked the song and that it changed your views on music. Thanks for the review!