Reviews for ".:Sleepless Nights v2:."

Lovely piano

This is a lovely tune very soft in nature and realaxing it flows very nicely.

The piano is very good, i can hear it in the background. This begins very well with some gorgeous mixes ,added in. The track is quite the same, but it fine not much in the way of repetion in this the track. When it gets going it is stunning ,the piano pieces are nice. The length you hardly notice, its not to long or short. You have fitted a good amount in.

No real moans here.

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GronmonSE responds:

Thanks for the review and fine comments :D


Even though the song is quite slow paced, the energy that one can feel while listening to this is amazing. Everything just fits perfectly together here. The deep and driving piano, the more high pitched tunes... everything!

I think you created a real masterpiece here!

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GronmonSE responds:

I wouldn't go as far as calling it a masterpiece but I'm really proud of this one :D

Thanks for the review.

I liked it.

Sleepless Nights is the perfect title for the audio. It's exactly what I imagined when I listened to it. The piano is great in the song also. I really don't see what you could do to make this much better so good job and keep up the hard work.


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GronmonSE responds:

Thanks for the review, glad I used the right title :D

Very good!

A strong build up which leads into a very fine and motion driven main part. I really like the energy it delievers. The drum beats are indeed a bit repetitive but that's quite all to bug about this one. Overall, very nice!

Good luck in the contest! 5up!

GronmonSE responds:

A review from you is greatly appreciated, thank you =)

Wow nice song

I like how it is calm and gentle yet sad at the same time. The off beat drums balance the tune and the sound is a bit repetitive but it go well with it. The piano goes well with it also and the percussion is a little off but its nice. I would fall asleep to this if I had it on my Ipod. It fits well with the theme. ...Something is missing though maybe a base guitar or some thing


GronmonSE responds:

I used the lower chords on the piano as bass, thought that'd be enough.

Thanks for the review :D