Reviews for ".:Sleepless Nights v2:."

A FAST sad song. Fascinating.

People always think that good sad songs should be slow, but you just prove it that misconception. Ideal song for the theme in my opinion. :)

GronmonSE responds:

Thank you.

I...am out of things to say to that, but thanks for the review :D

Very Nice!

The combination of sounds was really great. The piano had a bit of a foreboding sound to my ears, yet the strings and the twinkley sounds gave it quite a serene, warm sound at the same time.
I must say the percussion in this song was a real surprise to me when it came in. You did do a good job of mixing in the percussion in this. Using a woodblock type thing for the snare gave it a much lighter sound, opposed to using a heavy-hitting snare drum. That really went along well with the overall sound of the song. At first I thought this would have sounded better without the drums, but the more I listened, the more the percussion really added to it.
Overall, I really enjoyed the listen. A really nice track.

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GronmonSE responds:

Thank you. I used sidesticks to give it a subtler sound that went along with the flow of the piano. The bells...well, I had to add them to give the song a little extra something :D

Thanks again for the review.


OMG this song is so... PERFECT i'm going to give the first 10/10 in a LONG time!

note, i gues you're looking for how to "improve" this....you can't...it's 100%!

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GronmonSE responds:

Wow um...thanks haha. Thanks for the review :D


This song has a great deal going for it - you've given us a nice relaxing tune, despite the harsh sound of the low chord that you keep throwing in there for the beat every fourth note. I'd suggest having that as a held note, rather than such a sudden end of it.

Reminds me of part of Final Fantasy, where they go into the ice caves - with all the twinkling of the light off the perfect ice crystals. Sublime.

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GronmonSE responds:

You know, I hadn't thought about that (referring to the chords thing). I'll try it out and see how it turns out.

Thanks for the review :D


This sounds like a pretty calm track overall, there is nothing here that really stands out from the rest of the track though, so not a whole lot of energy in this but it's still pretty good all the same. The piano sounds to be played pretty well, which sounds good and the rest of the music that goes with it really precents this from sounding dull, so nice work on that.

You have done some good work on the opening to this as well as the ending, both of those seem to sound very good to me. Overall I have to say this is a very decent track and very clam, there's nothing I can really suggest for you to change, because adding more energy into this would probably just ruing it, lol, so good job.



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GronmonSE responds:

Haha interesting, other people say there's a lot of energy in it. Oh well, matter of opinions :D

Thanks for the review.