Reviews for "NG Tournament: Semi's 1"

riot! riot! riot! (for 3 reasons)

1.its been so long and u still havent created the next edition.

2.madness killed my leader.

3.madness killed homestar.

(good movie though i give it a 4)

error-45207 responds:

lol yer i no it has been aaages. im real sorry i just got totally over it but then only recently i watched wat i had made and i thought it was good so i started up on it again. i made a NG alpha and its up there if u wanna check that out www.newgrounds.com/ngmag/alphas/alpha/291 but yer it wont be long now everything is finishd i just have to complete my sound editing and its a real bastard. glad you liked it tho i duno how anyone ever sees these anymore anyway since its not on the portal or nething.. how 'did' u find this anyway? lol thanks for reviewing.


Awesome! i love it!


What more can i say?!

Bah I bet I know who's ganna win

It's ganna be. DUN DUN DUUUUN Maddness. $1000 anyone? wageing $1000 bet that maddness will win. Anyone wanna bet against me? *no sound* Well I guess there will be no bet at all.