Reviews for "NG Tournament: Semi's 1"


It wass good in every aspect, but I wanted Xiao Xiao to win. o well great flash

One of the best on NG

I just submitted this to my favorites to NG (the first one too )

that is enough to tell you how I feel bout the two first of this movies.

I am pretty sure that the third will be a favorite too :D

My Gripe on Xiao

First off, he should have been able to take the Grave dude on if he really was dead, because he has the sword power.

And I'm believing this is an unfair competition, because Xiao is left to fight against a being that can't die, shouldn't people that can't be killed be disqualified from tournaments?

Just my gripe... great series overall peace.

On the animation, if it could just be a little faster paced, it would be much better, as well as little less talking and more actual fighting. You've seemed to be inputting this with a wrestling theme, and it has that soap opera style that makes you want to watch.



i cant wait for the FINAL to come out because in numba 2 of the semi all the clocks die and the murderer might be helped by the locks because the locks hate the clocks

Things wrong

2 things i thought were wrong. Xiao Xiao and Madness talk too much in it. Other than that, great!