Reviews for "NG Tournament: Semi's 1"

good work

great work, im looking for all the ng tournament's , can u give me the numbers plz?

error-45207 responds:

haha, dude its easy, u can see em all by lookin at "other submissions by error_45207" its to the left of the screen thing but heres the numbas neway

QTR FINALS- www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/150588

SEMI's 1-

SEMI's 2-

hope u enjoy em :)

Xiao vs Death

Do you know what would be cool? Xiao vs Madness.
If you havent seen the semi's 2, don't read the following:

And i'm dying to know who faces madness in the finals
Anyhoo. keep up the good work!
4th best on my stats!

rofl! 'tom fulp'

v.cool flash! its gr8! im givin it a 10 on humor coz in madnesses trophie room its tom fulp rofl

its great and what barahumet said

it would be cool because thwey both use guns

Madness all the way.

You know the unknown fighter that madness is gonna have to fight in the last fight should be pico. Madness vs. Pico. that would be great.