Reviews for "NG Tournament: Semi's 1"

i dont

see the point of these, i mean it has good graphic and stuff but the plo is... terrible


better than the last one, but xiao xiao's animation still wasn't as good as the original xiao xiao. i swear that guy uses 30+fps.


Dude, I liket he idea, but this was kinda lame... The first one was much bettr and it was stil lame... No offence, but all the parts in here where choppy...
And then Xiao Xiao.. his whole part went on fot too long.. I honestlystarted to doze off on this one...
*skips off to watch the next one*

you're a sick man to kill Xiao Xiao.

You make me sick.

good improvement...

NICE, this is a actually improved from the last one, unlike many series! Nicely done but, I dont think xiao would have been caught off gaurd so easily!and he doesn't TALK!) but its still a good flash!