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Reviews for "hitchHiker: part Two"

Love it

Again, pretty damn cool. Just as with the first, I think you did a great job portraying the hopelessness and isolation a hitch hiker must go through. With this one, you did a really good job at the horror elements. The movie kept me guessing, and it felt just really good overall.

Amazing story,

This is a amazing story on several levels, the animation is amazing, the silence helps to build the suspense and the shock of the young mans paranoia driven hallucinations. The story itself is rich with meaning, the most obvoius being not to judge a person at first glance and the fact that you can make unexpected friends in unexpected places.


Some things are just too good to forget in life. Some things must be experienced in order to believe. This is one of those.

Where do I begin? Well, the story is a nice place to start. The story, my god, I WISH i could come up with stuff like this. It really makes you think twice about everything you think you know. I mean, WOW. Just... just WOW. I'm speechless. This is a story unlike anything I've ever seen. Bravo.

The art and art direction are excellent. I can't think of anything that's wrong with it. The jump scares are great and well timed and the biker is just a non-stop creep fest. My spine tingles just thinking about it.

I've recommended this video to several of my friends and family because it's just something you have to see and experience for yourself.
Anyone can tell a story.
What you have told is an epic.


that was amazing, i had chills the entire time. i guess it just goes to show, you cant judge a book by its cover.

Really good

how inspired (literally) :)