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Reviews for "hitchHiker: part Two"


it's not about weither or not they got a ride or where they were goin, this is a vid about not judging a book by it's cover, idk if that's what he was saying or not but that's what i got. i liked the big guy, he reminds me of my dad :) big and scary but he'll only hurt you if you try to hurt someone he loves. great flash, both of them, keep it up :D

wait huh

what happened then cmon man now i'm gonna be thinkin of this for days seriously


The flash is awesome....but if you really wanted to set the mood greensleeves would have been the best choice

questions solved

i think you should put one last part to the series by putting all the answers to everyone's questions in one flash like (if they got a ride or not?) or (where were they going anyways?).

No conclusion!