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Reviews for "hitchHiker: part Two"

Even better...

Keep it up, man. Gripping story, excellent graphics.. keep it up!

Amazing everything...

First the art... that was good. The voice acting was especially excellent. Although I was told as a kid never to trust strangers, I was also told that outer looks does not determine content of character. The homeless man proves it. The story is simply amazing. I voted 5.

what the!

THATS IT??? WHAT THE HELL DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cant end that!! That was actually kind of a sweet ending...I feel I like that ugly scraggly dude...BUT COME ON!! you cant end this!! Dont make me come over there!!

Dude how the hell did you put this up so fast?? this shit must have been sitting on your comp! Damn that kicked ass..awesome work man.

That was awesome

That was very well done. Thanks for posting part 2 so quickly. Your dad must be so cool! Make more like this and you'll diffenentally make a name for yourself.