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Reviews for "hitchHiker: part Two"

My evil side likes this.

At the first one, I actually just laughed at the bikerman. Seen so much of horror and just laughed, it didn't get anything out of me. This one was more creepy, but not enough for me. Only thing was the "screamer" at the beginning. Which was pretty cheap. Other stuff didn't get a thing out of me. Since I was pretty sure he just imagined all of it, which he did.

Also laughed when biker chased the hitchhiker.
Feels good to be soulless.

- Animation is pretty good and so is art, though it could be better but it's still good

- Humor... well it doesn't exist here really, but it got me laughing. Hehhehheh.

- Creepy and done well, but felt kind of cheap with the sudden "flashes", especially the "screamer", the part with the granny and stuff.

- Story is told brilliantly.

It's brilliant work and I look forward to seeing the rest from you. From what I've gathered, it's more spooky stuff too, so, great.

My mom had a similar story,

One time, my mom was caught in a blizzard on the highway and saw a couple of black dudes off on the side of the road. She offered them a ride in her car and they agreed. I forget the details on what exactly happened after that but when my mom told them that their destination wasen't where they were going they freaked out and one of them said, "What's she gonna do to us?" Nice short, definately worth watching through from the begining.

Very captivating.

Spielburg my ass! You got some serious talent!

dont judge lol

i like it this goes for the first one too :D lol like the big guy hes funny you should make another " hitch Hiker " video where he shaves lol :D


a lesson for judgementals!!