Reviews for "hitchHiker: part One"

good job mate :)

wow! from the beginning to the end.. just wow! keep up the good work mate.


almost made me scream =(
hobos r scary plz dont do that agian lol (joking)
just abot 2 watch no.2


incredible work, i really enjoyed that.

Heart-stopping Fragility

Um, wow. This really got me. But, truly, the part with the old lady scared the crap outta me! I wasn't expecting it at all. Freak me out. Good job!

Oh my gosh.

That was, by far, the BEST flash animation I have ever seen. It's got a great atmosphere to it. It almost puts you INTO the flash!

I was watching this with headphones, and when the "Hagrid" lookin' guy pops out it scared the shit outta me.

Man that was great, if your on this page right now, press Watch This Movie IMMEDIATLEY! :D