Reviews for "hitchHiker: part One"

lol kinda fun.. very great work

Very deep

I do not recall a time where I picked up a hitchhiker for any rason. I guess it's mostly because I've feared they might be crazy or something. This is one of your best dramas, because of how realistic everything is portrayed. I think this probably is what happens to hitchhikers. I have sometimes wondered why they don't just go out to the next town. It's because the highway is simply so long and us travellers would know that.

It seems like it takes forever to get to the next town and I'm in a car that's going as high as the speed limit can go. It's also great how every character seems to be designed differently. I wish you could tell me how this guy became a hitchhiker in the first place. A silent character is a great way to show depth by facial emotions. The colors are as lush as ever.

If I don't get scared, I give you 10 stars

I enjoyed every moment of the movie. but the creepy guy.. hell I'm scared

what the...

Dude that guy at the end creeped me out he just stood there smiling i thought he was somethin that was goin to eat the hitchhiker when he popped out of those bushes but it was still a good video

da fuq!

suspense u are the master of!