Reviews for "S.A.M.V. p3: - Mr. 68%"

Really Good

I came in here expecting nothing, stuff that has a 3.86 generally doesnt deserve it, and it ends up being stupid sprite crap, but this deserves alot better. This was a very complete episode, and very funny. Even a little laugh out loud funny. I liked your characters, your graphics, like i said, a very complete episode. You have a very unique style, its "College University" meets Luis ( sorry if that comparision doesnt make sense, NG stuff). But thats a good thing. Your sound was very high quality too, heh you'll hafta tell me how you streamed that well, everytime i do it, it sounds like the sounds being played in a tunnel. Anyways back on topic, that 20 dollars joke was very funny, i truley saw the slippery slope in Percy's head.

I noticed something funny, you have a lot of simpsons type humor, i counted how many times Percy could have said Doh!, i lost count after awhile, but i still found it funny.

well you have a good one buddy, bang up job

BaconMask responds:

First off, thanks for the thoughtful and articulate review!

Im really glad you noticed, because it is my policy to NEVER submit anything which I feel is incomplete. There has to be SOME story arc, even if it lasts 2 minutes. (I think this is the shortest episode of the three) If you just have some charecter walk on screen and fart, there is NO way you can become attached. Or even care for that matter. If I had the resources, these would all be half an hour long and FULL of gags.
You're also right, I think growing up with the simpsons has had a tremendous impact on my style. I am very careful never to pull too much influence from anything, but it proves impossible.
Anyway, thanks again!


I know how he feels..but that was damn sad
a gramh cracker?Try plastic works better.any way nice flash and damn funny...and that logo would've
kicked their asses..

BaconMask responds:

Try getting pulled over with a graham cracker. NOT GOOD.

Even if you write your name on it.


funny movie, i havent watched the other ones (or i dont remember if i have), but i'll definately check them out

BaconMask responds:

Glad ya liked it! I went back and watched the old ones today. Man, Percy was UGGGGG-LY!!! I didn't really have a set way to draw him yet... ironically, he was the first charecter of the three to be concieved.


That was awesome. :D Sadly, in reality the nerdy guy never gets laid... I'm so lonely. *sob!*

BaconMask responds:

Melvin's tips for getting laid:

Melvin: In my brief but illustrious career as a "mack daddy", I gained insight to the mind of the ever-elusive chick. Here's my suggestion. Always keep an ample supply of Aerosmith and Journey mix CD's on hand. Some chicks really dig that stuff. I personally perfer They Might be Giants, but it is essential to the game!

-That's ALL there is to it! Instant baby-making time!

Yay, Jason Dix!

Every one of the S.A.M.V. 'toons is better than the last. I'm loving your work, d00d!
Don't quit, ok?

-Sr Calina del Carne deVaca

BaconMask responds:

HAZEY!!! (ooooh, sorry... that's a craptastic nickname I asigned you...)

Thanks for the support bro! I'll still remember you when I one day become a successful thousand-aire!