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Reviews for "A Sticky Night of Love"

Good god that fabulous

Whoa man way to go, that was one of the best animutations I've seen to date, the amount of images in that way astronomical. A true masterpeice. However you did steal my idea for the subliminal messages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol, when I finally get around to getting flash and making my own I was gonna use an idea Identical to that. Oh well.

Once again nice work, minus 10 minus minus 20 out of plus 400 minus 395 plus 5

This is definitely my favorite animutation!!!

I loved this animutation! Even though the graphics consisted mostly of moving still images, there was a lot movement with lots of objects, which made the graphics much better. These are the best graphics that I've seen for an animutation, and compared to other flashes, they are excellent! The style of this was perfect, and I loved the subliminal messages! The music was perfect choice, and the lyrics were excellent! It must have taken you a LOT of time to figure out the english transliterations, and I applaud you for that! There was very little to no violence in the movie, so I'm not rating you on that. Even though I gave you a 0 for interactivity (since it's a movie), it won't affect the overall score. However, the frame-by-frame and pause buttons were quite useful! Finally, there is a copious amount of humor here! I was smiling throughout the whole movie, and the subliminal messages were hilarious (especially the math stuff and the anime by a 5-year-old stuff)!

Anyways, this is definitely the best animutation that I've ever seen! Overall: 10/10

Ok then!

Key shiny? Wow, you took the time to do the subliminal part (very much so, i might add), and fake lyrics for EVERY FUCKING WORD! Wow, I think this may be the Animutation that actually was worked on for more than 7 days! It's the perfect song, so crazy and fast paced. Actually, I think it was power metal in japaniese. Wierd, huh? And I went to see all of the subliminal stuff, and I was surprised! I (I don't want to put the endlessly long part about the subliminal, but for now, some from the movie! WALRUS HENTAI?!. Now wouldn't that be something?)! In all, WALRUS HENTAI?! sums up that part. And even more! The interesting thing is that none of the main charactors (if there were any) wern't Animutation icons! However, Colin (the face and name of Animutation) poked its way in for like 18 sec.

IN ALL: Very good, Much attencion to the lyrics, excellent timing, and on my favs.

Good day!


the continuous pelting of subliminal messages was like getting raped by ten horses and then used to clean up the mess. this is an amazing flash though. no really good animation, but its still amazing.

PS whats the name of the song?

This song is always stuck in my head

I watched this over and over the past month because it is just so funny!

I really liked how you scripted the entire song, and that it's packed with randomness.

Now everytime I see Gendo on NGE I can't help but laugh! XD