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Reviews for "A Sticky Night of Love"


i was amazed, probably the best animutation/fanimutation on the whole site

and you put so much more into it than most others

very well done

As insane as you can get

Yay, Gendo Ikari! HappaTai with swapped heads...and just about every other random image you can easily find on teh internet!

Fast, Speedy, Misconcepted Lyrics=Perfect for Animutation. Shining Collection is one of the best songs ever, and if I had a say in the name of this movie, I'd call it "Shining Collection of Random Pictures", but that's too long for NG...

Full set of controls! Yay!

Everything is all layed out to be very non-sensical, and the fake lyrics are just plain hilarious! And the only inaccurate mondegreens in there are "Cat got Victoly" and "Calamari" (sounding more like "Cat got Chewtoly" and "Calamaru")

Easily one of the best animutations on NG, now all you need to do is upload your Rip Slyme one "Bling Bling", that one is just as good!


After watching the first few seconds of this I thought it was going to suck. Crappy collage. Then... it just keeps on going, and going, and going, getting faster and faster and more complicated... Any individual 2-second segment of this thing would rate a blam, but the overall effect is overwhelming. 5 and 10.

Possibly one of the best 'mutations I've seen

The song here is catchy, it is extremely energetic, and included a good lot of pop culture references, like Yatta and the Ministry of Silly Walks of Monty Python. This is very much random, and is over all an enjoyable piece of animutation.

Crazy, but in a good way!

Graphics: The amount of Animutation and flashing lights were unbelievable!

Style: Very unique for it's kind, a fine display of (should I say it?) skill.

Sound: The music was unbelievably catchy, even if I didn't understand all of it.

Violence: In the heap of lights and flashes, I saw a few violent pictures, nothing much though.

Interactivity: N/A

Humor: The subtitles gave a good dose of humor along, with the pictures.

Overall, a great example of Animutation at it's best!