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Reviews for "A Sticky Night of Love"

As a new animutation fan who actually discovered this obscure genre, this kind of animation is bravely the most interesting thing that exists along with many other animutations they landed on Newgrounds and the now inactive Animutation Portal. It's really sad that there has been a very low popularity in the Animutation world, while i'm glaring for making something similar with a old build of Flash.
Animutations are really hilarious and known for their nonsensical visuals, misheard lyrics of foreign (sometimes even English) music and mashed up pop culture stuff from nowhere, it's like throwback shitposting with japanese music.

Animutation really should be brought back to life by somebody, but since it's very far from the days of animutation, nobody really seem to care about the world of animutation. It's been like 16 years, and i can make Animutation great again when there's need of it!
Neil and his friends who did Animutation should be remembered for their forgotten relic of the past. Good job.