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Reviews for "A Sticky Night of Love"

OMFG so trippy

omg i laughed til i cried, its just so trippy.
i loved teh whole thing, it rly just pounds down so much random stuff so rapidly you have to take a break to breathe.

Really exciting

Totally random and stuff, but the song is great and the translations are really funny because they make no sense at all. It's just all around nutz and makes me feel good. Evangelion is pretty cool too, and definetely makes about as much sense as this!


the translations are so funny
they make no sense lol
and the song is quite catchy

A sticky night of love

My mom and my teacher thought this had to do with sex.


I saw all the subliminal messages!! XD

It was cool!! [se de alguien que harĂ­a un mega-berrinche por esto (cof cof kuroda inoue cof cof) jajaja]