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Reviews for "A Sticky Night of Love"


Insane, just insane. SO AWESOME! (gendo was the perfect character for this, Watch eva, then watch this, crazy crazy flash.)

How freakin' outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

Awesome! I like that it has Yoshimitsu. I even like Capt. Mullet and his Mulleteers. About the Pommy? Whose dog is that and what's its name?

Seizure time.

Absolutely stunning. You manage to fit just about everything in existance onto one moment in time, then you shove it all down a cramped mario pipe that leads to your flash. The sheer creativity entertains me, and I find that every time I watch it something new will pop up. Funny idea about subbing a foreign song like that, I had toyed with that Idea too a while back. The music is decidedly hectic, retaining a main melody, perfect for this style of flash. I like that you appeared to come out as completely random and hectic, but there are subtle signs that show an extreme amount of effort and an eye for detail. I also like your choice of character, Gendo Ikari is quite perfect for this.
10 out of 10 Good job!

Eric Fleck (Lurch Poiuyt) speaks...

I do remember seeing this when it first came out, and I did like it. (I was on the cool-list back then... "Lurch Poiuyt". However, I don't know who decided to give this an "8" on that weird scale I once proposed, the "Poiuytic Scale". (I don't even remember coming up with that name... just proposing that idea at one point... in fact, the only reason I remember the "Poiuytic Scale", is because googling my own name brings up a website that talks about it. WEIRDNESS. Either way... I would give this a +5 or 6 on that scale. (that animutation complexity scale)

Uh... do you even know me, or what I'm talking about? Probably not.

I will have to say... Animutation wise, OF COURSE it's better than anything I've done up to this point. I really like the fact that it actually looks like this is well done, and that you actually used imagry that hasn't already been used to death,
and spent some time on it. Out of all the Animutations I've ever seen, this
one wasn't that bad. (well, I *USED* like Animutations... but now? ehhhh...)

BTW... what did you think of my scenes for "The Fingertips Project"? Very out of place, I might say. But I still really liked them. :) (I did "Who's That Standing Out My Window", "Leave Me Alone" and "Fingertips (Whispered)". The only reason I was even involved in that, was because the "director" thought I could come up with something at the last moment... and surprisingly... I did. :P

Whatever the case... I really need to complete a flash project sometime. So far, I have probably five projects I've never completely finished, and a million ideas I haven't even started on. One of these days though, I'll make a comeback.

Susie was right

You do keep owning !