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Reviews for "Family Guy Theme (Punk Cover)"

Sounds awsome

sounds really cool my only complaint is drums sound electronic not real...

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Yeah, drums are electronic, I'm dirt poor and I can afford everything it takes to record real drums


Sweet mix, really solid beat not sure about the start but it's still amazing, going straight to my MP3 Player. Nice job, make more punk cover remixes!

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Thanks, we will

nice again

nice! but ive gotta question? is that a keyboard that you use for the drums? or an electronic drum set cuz im a drummer and it sounds kinda weird... not bashin ya tho you guys are good and sectus is a retard. lol

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Well they're real acoustic drum hits arranged in protools. Thanks for the review!


sectus can die considering hes done a fucking poke-rap for a song... well done (Y)

giftedbuttwisted responds:

haha, thanks!

it wasn't bad.

The concepts alright but i can't say i really liked or disliked it. It was kinda a "Meh" yanno? You get credit for punking up the flavor though. Its just not really anything that caught me as Aww inspiring. Don't think i'm dissing man cuz i'm not. OVer all pretty decent work on this and much luv! Keep it up!


giftedbuttwisted responds:

Yeah, once I got started I realized that figuring out harmonies between the lead theme guitar and the rythm guitar/bass was going to be difficult but instead of scrapping the project, I figured I might as well finish it and see what would turn out. Thanks for the review!