Reviews for "°{ Insults Jam }°"

Kévin Blighted

Slt Nicolas juste pr te dire ke t tjrs le N°1 de Blighted surtt depuis ke tu fais du punk :p !

De PAssage, g trouvé ce site au hasard ...
J'en Profite pr prendre Addictive Drums ;-)


Kévin (N°2 je crois XD)

Son-Of-Dime responds:

Mdr d'ou t'es sur NG ?!!! xD.

... n° 2 ? aller je t'accorde le numero 1 bis) xD


I like the text, and nice solo BTW. Awesome :P

Son-Of-Dime responds:

w00t ! Thanks for the quick review dude ! We are glad you liked it !

Keep on fuckin' ! \m/


It was awesome. Quite a random thing to make a song on but hey.

And what drum program is that?

Son-Of-Dime responds:

That's Addictive Drums : http://www.xlnaudio.com/. It's an awesome programme.

Btw, thanks for the review !


thats funny and it sounds like punk o matic

Son-Of-Dime responds:

Yeah I was very Punk o matic inspired : ) thanks for the review !

Sounds Like Punk-O-Matic.

But other than that it was awesome. Guitar solo was great and the lyrics were outrageous but well delivered to some degree.