Reviews for "°{ Insults Jam }°"

Yeahhhhhh !

I like it ! Crazy voices but excelent punkish music !!!

Keep on fuckin' dude(s) !

I'm looking forward the next Jam (maybe not Punk this time...)

Son-Of-Dime responds:

Thanks dude ! We glad you liked it ! Lol


lol nice work

I liked the punk touch and your french accent. You guys rock! :D

Son-Of-Dime responds:

Haha , thank you very much man.


hey, nice song

I like punk songs, nice work

Son-Of-Dime responds:

Haha, me too ! Thanks for the review !


I only can say: Awesome!!
And I like the lycrics ;P
The guitar sounds like Punk-O-Matic.
But a really cool song!

Son-Of-Dime responds:

haha yeah, actually the melody is exactly the same as Punk-o-matic ^^.

Anyway, thanks for the review !


Fuckin' awesome punk song! Awesome work with the guitar, drums and vocals, Sonofkirk!

Son-Of-Dime responds:

haha thanks, it was a joke but glad you liked it : )