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Reviews for "Sigil"


Really nice and lively scene. There is one thing I wonder though: Why do the lamp posts have sharp metal pins coming out of the ground and on the poles? That makes the streets pretty dangerous, don't trip over near lamp posts or your body hangs on some pin!

Xaltotun responds:

It is said that 10% of the deaths in Sigil are caused by the architecture. :P


Planescape: Torment always has been, and still is, my favourite game. This picture captures the seedy, dark essence of the game beautifully. I esecially liked how you threw in other creatures from the D&D universe (like the mindflayer). I also love the confused looking Modron holdin the knife and what I presume is a purse (possibly stolen?).

This picture is just wonderful, and really brings back some great memories. Just wish they would remake the game with current day graphics.

The only complaint I have (minor) is Mort blends in with the background a little tooo much for my taste. Though the "expression" on his "face" is perfect :D

Would've been cool if you could've squeezed in the Lady somewhere, but it's understandable :P

Xaltotun responds:

Thanks! Nice to see that people who know the setting also like the picture.

Yea, the modron may have stolen the purse because he is a "rogue" modron. :P

New Fan

I started looking at your art work here on Newgrounds with the wizard tower and then I stumbled across this one. I didn't look at the name of the piece at first but instantly recognized the mind flayer. I thought o sweet this guy is a DnD fan, then I saw the city curve in the background and it dawned on me exactly what I was looking at, Sigil. The detail you put into this is just amazing, going to have to keep coming back to it to find new things I assume.

Great Artwork, keep up the good job!

that game!

that game! wow! great picture

Simply Amazing: Not just as a fan of the game but at the level of detail and effort.

If I ever have a company that makes posters I would pay you royalties.