Reviews for "4 in 1 tutorial P.1"

Good only 1 suggestion.

How about when you finish a tutorial it goes back to the selection page instead of the Play page? It might make it look a tad more proffesional, and avoid unnessary clicking! XD

g0t responds:

:) yeah i know that was something i just noticed beacause my flash is all weird anyway if this gets past the portal the first thing im going to do is to update it tahsnk for leaving a review.

Very useful!!

When 2 clocks work together they obviously can make something very awesome or very handy. I wish I was a clock, clocks are so cool. Anyway thankz for that and the advice to submit things after you get good.

g0t responds:

lol you dont need much to be a clock just a strong knowledge of flash anyway thanks for leaving a review and I hope you enjoyed our tutorial.


not that cool but good

g0t responds:

lol thanks


First of all this tutorial is great!
Now I have a problem: I an a n00b flash maker, and when I try to make a button to go to the next frame, n the action script I write: nextFrame(); and it give a list of errors. I tried to put something on the () and it says: requires exactly 0. I write 0 and it gives the same error. What do I need to do?

g0t responds:

Well what You have to do is talk to me on aim so I can better explain it I only have alimited space here.

i liked it

...good tips. i will definately usethem