Reviews for "4 in 1 tutorial P.1"

good job

good job, i just leanred about the sprits, thanks much, im gunna try that...even tho i will get blammed neway

g0t responds:

thanks for the review take time on ur flash my first 3 flashes gotblammed quick so take ur time.

It's a tutorial, dumbass.

Aight, heres what bugs me. I was going through, and one of the frames had the text written over it. Now, before you get your half-educated ass in a jiffy and write a long, run on sentence telling me off for the fact it was "Just one frame," let me explain something to you. This is a tutorial. Now, while this was a very good tutorial in most respects, the object of a tutorial is to CLEARLY TEACH THE USER SOMETHING. Now, that obviously can't happen if the text is messed up. Now, before jumping to your response, I'd like to remind you to use punctuation. Don't waste my time with a response that my three year old cousin could easily oust.

g0t responds:

alright man dont get angry that wasnt even my part of the tut anyway i know I told him to change the thing,and he just couldnt find out,anyway im updating it. So i guess thanks for the review and have a nice day.

Thanks! ! ! ! !

Please make more tutorials, I need all the
help I can get to make Flash!!!
Now Im working on a flash movie but It´s very hard.

For anyone reading this: Please make more tutorials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: nice music!!!!!!

g0t responds:

alright no problem.


Mew.. sorry. Personal complaint, but yeah just so this review isn't completely useless.. in sprite 1 there was text over text and I couldn't read either [of them]. Anyways.. ugh! Now more sprite videos are going to come through by those people who can't draw for themselves.. I wish someone would make a sprite movie with self-drawn backgrounds.. and actually cool looking blood or close-ups on the torn bodies of the massacred.

g0t responds:

what do u mean by no u reviewed it as a 2 yet u only made it a 2 because of 1 frame thats a little harsh dont u think i mean 0 style 1 graphics sound 2 dude i have no idea why u voted so low just because of one frame.

Nice work

I agree with Black KingX on making it go back to the selection page and I feel it gets across its purpous. The music ain't half bad and the information is helpful

g0t responds:

thanks for leaving a review yes i do know that i just saw it and im going to update it if it passes judgement.