Reviews for "4 in 1 tutorial P.1"

thaks it was informative

thaks for making a useful tutorial instead of makeing something we already know this we can use oh by the way why is zero blue anyway hes supoose to be red just wondering and thanks for the info

g0t responds:

heh i have no idea that was blahs work heh.

Cool tutorial

I always wondered how to get rid of the while on sprites! Too bad I did it the hard way of getting rid of it... But, I have learned a few things here! Nice job!

Good for noobies

This would be great! To bad I already tought myself the stuff you sowed here. It would have saved alot of time...


it's really nice but also tell people how to do things like onion skins. Also, it has a few spelling erors and problems.

g0t responds:

thanks please email me the problems that you would like to be fixed.

Nice tutorial.

Very helpful information. Good job!

g0t responds:

thanks for finding it useful have fun making movies and whatnot.