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Reviews for "Super Mario Reloaded"


Great video! Ive always thought Mario was the bomb but after watching this I still could'nt believe my eyes! Wow that was a good video!...... P.S. I got a question what programes or software did you use to make this video?


good the 3-d effects i never seen mario like that but you could get the clones can't you?

That was Awesome!!

A perfect recreation of the burly brawl in the matrix reloaded!Starring:Mario,as neo,
Luigi,as smith, sonic the hedgehog,as Morpheus, Samus,as trinity Link,as,well,Link!


That was awesome! I like both mario and the matrix.


heh my fav part was when mario and a luigi clone were in 3d,also loved the creativity keep up the good work!