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Reviews for "Super Mario Reloaded"

Can't handle the awesome!

This is the titts! I love the Weege forever!!

Keep that up!

Pretty good

It was awesome.

i thought this was the best

boy with black shirt: you had to fly off like a little girl

boy with white shirt: i only had one guy
boy with black shirt: i would've clogged you now gimme a cookie

Me: everything here was action packed and i saw the part where the Mario was doing tricks with his pole and clone Luigi just walked up to him and got jabbed and was that the end cause he just flew come on everthing else was the best oh 3000 sprites how long did it take you a year


Samus: How many times did mario kick luigi in the balls?

Goku: I don't know....maybe......OVER 9000?!

I've never seen this side of mario

You know if he had a chance he could have defeated bowser easily like this...