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Reviews for "Scoot's Lulluby Of Zelda"


awesome keep up the good work in both music and flash.


This is alright... I miss Zelda UO!!!!!!!


Im sorry if Im not being helpful, but It wont kill anybody if I express my thoughts...


I like the song but i think more can be done with it, its missing something that would make it great


I always thought of a lulliby to tone down a situation. Not make it scarier. But, its good none the less.

Midna's Lulluby for Zelda U.O.

This is awesome! I wish that the actual Zelda's Lulluby sounded like this. I agree with 'mariomaniac75' it really DOES sound like a Twilight version of " Zelda's Lulluby " this should be called " Midna's Lulluby " lol. It sorta also, sounds like the beginning of a face-off between 2 rivals ( i.e. Link and Dark Link b4 an epic battle ) or could be used for a sorta " realization " moment as well. something like that. Anyway, great song and I hope you plan on using this for your Zelda U.O. series!