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Reviews for "Scoot's Lulluby Of Zelda"


You do a great job.

meh people need to stop raggin on others...

I give it a 10 for loving LoZ and Ocarina of Time :3 keep it up Scoot, cause this sounds like techno to me :3 and unlike what the guy below me says this is NG worthy

Needs improvement!

I'm not aware of Zelda's Lulluby but this is not techno at all comrad, i'm sorry you need to make this faster, harder and NG worthy, its too slow, but its good for meditation music ( Nothing wrong with that ) Just wanted to let you know where you could improve :) Take care comrad. 5/10


ScootLumpDude responds:

If you say so. ^^; But fast does not equal Techno. However it it makes you feel better, I changed the song genre to video game. There ya go "comrad". ^^