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Reviews for "Scoot's Lulluby Of Zelda"


I always thought of a lulliby to tone down a situation. Not make it scarier. But, its good none the less.


This is alright... I miss Zelda UO!!!!!!!


Im sorry if Im not being helpful, but It wont kill anybody if I express my thoughts...



Very nice AGAIN

As the summary says, very nice!

Where's the lullaby theme? Oh wait! There it is!

Yeah it's not bad at all. But it took me a while to figure out where the lullaby theme actually was in that (it was everywhere lol).
Some helpful hints may be that it was a bit too repetitive for my liking. That is to say you used the same 4 bars of music over and over. Zelda's lullaby has more than that and you probably should've used the rest of the original piece in this.
Also it had a very minor sound to it, which I think was created thanks to the unison nature of the piece you have produced. I would advise to have the counter melody heard in the original piece placed in there. Unless, of course, this was the sound you were going for.
Overall not too bad but being a musician and a big fan of Zelda music there where just a few things I didn't like. 7/10