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Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Infiltration"

<3 5/5 10/10

Just awesome ;D, makes me kinda horny....for coffee <3

ParagonX9 responds:

Yayyy b0unceeee thank yu! <3 ^^


Ok. I like.... NEVER review to audio submissions, but now I do. I like all ur songs but this one is far out the best. Most people go down hill with things they keep making but u only go up! WAY TO GO!



Yo PX9, great stuff!

Nice to see you got your lazy ass off of your computer and onto the web :)
Thank god you got your inspiration back and it sounds terrific ^^
I was seriously getting sick of hearing that 'no inspiration' excuse, haha.
Check out my account in a few weeks (or months) I'm working on something that might actually sound pro :)


O_O again... ?

Did you create epicness, again? x_x

you are the Alpha and the Omega of electronica right here on newgrounds.