Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Infiltration"



speachlees yet again

dude u are my fav author and nothing can change my mind. and **** all the other ppl who say bad things about you

Reminds me of something that'd be in Mirror's Edge

Nonetheless, people kicking ass comes to mind here. I liked the ending and beginning in particular, and if anything, would loosen up on the "yo's", but that will probably grow on me. Considering its your first in this style, this is really well done. Nice job!

Energy beat!

Sound is just bursting out of da' speakerz!! I'd say it'z Rave/slash/Techno/slash/Euphoria!


and utterly awesome.

I made a song with the same name for an enourmous Descent 3 singleplayer mod. It wasn't as intense though. :P