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Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Infiltration"

Awesooooooooooome !!!

By entering this kind of genre between genres u got my atention :) keep up with the good work :)

Awesomme XD!!!

Sounds like some kinda techno remix from blade but then even much better. Cool XD!!!

Wow nice :D

This sounds great, the bass is nice, the drums are fine, and there's nothing wrong with the structure. Sounds great for Stepmania. Although the sound at the start sounds distorted and weird, then the bass comes in at 0:12 and loved it from there on. Good use of pads in the break beats, same with the acid and the effects you used were nice. Overall a great song. 5/5


Why not check out my new song, it's called Feeling Trance. As the name says, it's trance. See what you think, maybe you might be able to point some things out. Thanks ParagonX

ParagonX9 responds:

Thanks! .. Im glad you liked it. And i'll check out your new song too!
Thanks for the review!

<3 5/5 10/10

Just awesome ;D, makes me kinda horny....for coffee <3

ParagonX9 responds:

Yayyy b0unceeee thank yu! <3 ^^


not ur best work but its still amazing

ParagonX9 responds:

Thanks! =D