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Reviews for "150 frames of chaos"

quite odd

i didnt understand the meaning of his movie, maybe if it had a meaning it would be more interesting. But good job!

BLAM! This sucked!

Man, this is the worst thing i have ever seen on newgrounds man!
come on u gotta take longer on this kinda things

ex-robot responds:

Jeremy: okay, thanks for the suggestion. MUST FIGHT ROBOTS!!
guy#1: OMG


EW dats all i have to say

What the hell was that?

That was....what the hell was that? There was a girl ripping out her hair and a guy eating a sandwich, that's all I remember. This sorta reminds me of an acid trip. Except not as fun. And the music sucked. And the graphics sucked. And there was no plot. Don't say that it was 'chaos', either, because there's a fine line between 'chaos' and 'complete stupidity'.