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Reviews for "150 frames of chaos"

Haa ha ha

this is a strange form of comedy

its so stupid but i loved it so much.....your good :D

ex-robot responds:

Thanks, EL Pimpo. You sir, are a El Pimpo.

Short and sweet and good to eat.

150 frames is'nt a lot of frames and i know cause of experience with flash.

You managed to cram a lot into a short movie it was smoothly animated and was highly funny.

That was some real high quailty work into a short ammount of frames keep it up.

ex-robot responds:

Also like fiber it doesn't have any calories and pads out your waste!


not sure why i loved it.... but I did...... quite odd.... i have thought patterns like that sometimes..... am i alone in that?

this was pretty good

the music was a bit crazy and really it was just random but i think that this was excelent for frame by frame animation. good work