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Reviews for "150 frames of chaos"

that was fin awesome

that was the coolest idea ever:
1) the title is great
2)the movie was very smooth for such drawings
3) just plain cool as hell


i liked it, it was weird, but i liked it


wow ! very unique although immm giving it a rating 0 because it was to scrappy but personaly i think its very funny. not haha funny but i mentaly funny haha..

ex-robot responds:

either you ment to give me a zero by mistake, or you made a mistake in your review, either way I win! Drinks on me.


that was a bit crazy but cool. and i liked how you made everything wrap together.

ex-robot responds:


I gotta watch this when im stoned...

that was fucking cool i think i should get high and then watch it.. all my 5 ratings go to u lol wont do much but wtf.