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Reviews for "150 frames of chaos"

What the hell was that?

That was....what the hell was that? There was a girl ripping out her hair and a guy eating a sandwich, that's all I remember. This sorta reminds me of an acid trip. Except not as fun. And the music sucked. And the graphics sucked. And there was no plot. Don't say that it was 'chaos', either, because there's a fine line between 'chaos' and 'complete stupidity'.

this was pretty good

the music was a bit crazy and really it was just random but i think that this was excelent for frame by frame animation. good work


This is one of the more interesting frame-by-frame flash animations I've seen. That said, it's far too short for anything to sink in, or for it to make any kind of point. Spend more time making longer, higher-quality pieces, and you should do well.

ex-robot responds:

well that was the whole point, it was only 150 frames, so we just had to tell a quick story and then end it. there is a method to the madness.


I liked it,i'll just vote 5....

Not bad

Kinda tripy and stuff, entertaining at the least.