Reviews for "Jim"

Id hate to sound retarded but

is that a real sculpture? if so u should think about working for the Dead space team they would like your kind of style that or Resident Evil

N0RM responds:

yup it's a real sculpture :) thanks!


That's probably the first thing that really made me go "WTF!" IMMEDIATELY after I saw part of it. What the hell is that thing anyway?

N0RM responds:

Cool! thanks! He is an alien from the far regions space that mutated when he entered Earth's atmosphere :)

mmm...thats sexy

awesome, yeh the drooling effect with the glue gun was a nice idea!
are you sure it should be called jim? it's got boobs...i think

N0RM responds:

men can have boobs

That....is just sick!

Its so gross its awesome! what type of material did you use? whatever it is, its awesome!


I saved this to my porn folder, hope you don't mind :-)