Reviews for "Jim"


it reminds me somewhat of that monster in the well of zelda ocarina of time when link was a kid just gorier.....sweet

amazing...and freaky

this is like a crossover between silent hill and dead space. its a really cool work of art. i wish i could make stuff like that XD
its freaky and scary, but its so fucking cool!!!
how do you make stuff like this?!?!?!?!? its awsome!!!
this would be great in a horror videogame oneday...i'd love to see that.

N0RM responds:

thanks! Look up for some sculpey tutorial if you're interested to know how this kind of sculpture is done.

I don't know what to say.

This sculpture has an interesting and peculiar fell to it. So as all professionals on NG do I will compare it to a video-game: Silent Hill 2 and Homecoming. Mixed with Sci-Fi horror films. lol Nice Work.

N0RM responds:


*triple take*

Good lord! This is incredible!

Reminds me of sixth grade when I used the same material to make one of those Yeerks from the book series that I cannot recall at this time.

Either way, you've done an amazing job throwing some extremely dark details into this piece. I'd hate to meet this creature anywhere other than in this photograph.

N0RM responds:

:) thanks for the comment!


I love your sculpture of the lovechild of Alien, Earthworm Jim, and Queen Elizabeth. Seriously though it's a kick ass freaky thingy :S

N0RM responds:

lol thanks!