Reviews for "Jim"

cool and creepy. . .

very cool and gross and it looks like a slightly bigger version of a yeerk i think from animophs. any way pretty cool :D. and wat is it's name?

N0RM responds:

Jim is his name :)

Very creepy.

Very creepy and very well articulated.

Have you tried Zbrush?

N0RM responds:

nope but I really want to :)

Id hate to sound retarded but

is that a real sculpture? if so u should think about working for the Dead space team they would like your kind of style that or Resident Evil

N0RM responds:

yup it's a real sculpture :) thanks!


The level of detail on this monster is amazing. It looks like something you would see as concept art for a big budget movie or video game. I like how it doesn't have legs. It makes it scarier because I can just imagine it crawling over to me like a slug with a big acidic slime trail. Also it looks female to me but I guess its all in the eye of the beholder. If I ever do go into the movie or video game business I'll definitely remember this figure.

N0RM responds:

Hey thanks!

Awesome stuff

thats artistic talent right there :D it even has TITS!!!!

N0RM responds: