Reviews for "Jim"

mmm...thats sexy

awesome, yeh the drooling effect with the glue gun was a nice idea!
are you sure it should be called jim? it's got boobs...i think

N0RM responds:

men can have boobs


FUCKING NASTY! but fantastic detail

N0RM responds:


Seriously creative mind at work here...

The concept alone is extraoridaniry let alone the actual design...while my turkey sandwhich is no long apatizeing at the moment....I'll get over it...reminds me of something out of dead space to be honest...thats why i gave it a 9...the shock factor wasn't there, BUT creative and appealing none the less...props...make more...I want one!

N0RM responds:

Hey thanks for giving me your opinion! I really try making something out of this world next time :)


That's probably the first thing that really made me go "WTF!" IMMEDIATELY after I saw part of it. What the hell is that thing anyway?

N0RM responds:

Cool! thanks! He is an alien from the far regions space that mutated when he entered Earth's atmosphere :)



N0RM responds:

:) thanks I appreciate it