Reviews for "Jim"

Holy pie!

You made that?! Wow, oh my! It's really nice though, but not a beauty. But it looks well done, and realistic in some ways, and very grotesque and ailen-ish.

But it's nicely done, as well as the photos. But this really makes you wonder what this means... :P

N0RM responds:

lol thanks for the comment!


Sick in every way possible......yet very beautiful and discreet. You must be familiar with McFarlins work (creator of "Spawn). But, anyway, sick sexy job. Hope you keep up the good work. This would be a great piece for my desk, so when my sergeant walks by he can say " I aint giving you no rifle" LOL. Srry....im ranting....


this thing looks so demented, it's very disturbing but beautifully crafted. it's very detailed, i bet you put a ridiculous amount of work into making it look so real.

well well well

you abviously know about mcfarlins work, very nice

N0RM responds:

I didn't, but now I know!


I would love to have such a sculpture on my desk :D how long did it take you to create such a nasty fellow?

N0RM responds:

I would say about a good 30 hours of work from building the armature to the end