Reviews for "Jim"


I just love it.
I never really was into sculptures (mostly because often they are cheap). So this is kind of like a revelation to me. Gonna be more open minded about this in the future.

N0RM responds:

:) Thanks


Love it! about how long did it take you to do this? and the idea to make drool with a glue gun was brilliant.

N0RM responds:

I would say it took about 15 to 20 hours of work. It was my first time so it was pretty slow :) Thanks for the comment!

It's a monster, alright.

I'm torn over what I think it might be.
On the one hand, it looks like something that EA designed and tested before deciding that it was too scary and monstrous to be utilized in Dead Space.
On the other hand, it looks like some kind of Cthulhoid horror that springs forth from the subconscious Id before driving sane men into the mouth of madness and devouring the bodies of a thousand screaming people.
Or it could be a concept that John Carpenter briefly thought of using in The Thing before scrapping it in favor of something less budget-intensive.
It is, in a word, awesome. Who knows? With work and concepts such as this, you could wind up as the next H. R. Giger.

N0RM responds:

Thanks! The dead space monsters inspired me a lot for this one. I really appreciate your review.

how tall, and..

how was the spittle done?

N0RM responds:

oh I guess I should mention it in the description :) It's 14 inches high and the drooling effect was simply made with a glue gun. I manage the attach the drooling from the upper jaw to the bottom one on my first try and I was never able to do it again lol. Thanks for the comment! :)


I think the only reason why this hasn't gotten straight fives is the WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!!! factor that it must be inspiring in people. Once you look at it, details, and fucking awesome design... dude. Your work is awesometastic art.

N0RM responds:

3 minutes ago there were more votes than views lol. Anyway thanks a lot, I appreciate it :)